There is some amazing off road travelling to be done in the area, particularly once you cross the Victorian border at Tom Groggin. From Alpine Habitats, you pass by Thredbo Village and follow the Alpine Way to Tom Groggin, a wonderful flat area along side the upper Murray River where you will see hundreds of kangaroos.

You will need a true offroad four wheel drive to ford the Murray River – no softroaders here – the river can be deep and the tracks from here on quite technical. Please take care on the crossing and only proceed if you are comfortable that it is within you skill levels. The following video shows how deep it can be – usually it is much shallower than this.

Have a look at the following two tracks on Everytrail. The first one is to Davies Hut – a great spot for a BBQ – there is a fire place and BBQ plate provided. Buckwong Creek earlier on the route is is similar. This trek is a full day from Alpine Habitats but a very enjoyable one. The track is only open from Late november through to April or May. More information is available from Parks Victoria

The first part of this next trek takes you to the summit of Mt Pinnibar where there are panoramic views. Again, this track should only be attempted in the summer months. Allow a full day from Alpine Habitats.

A little further along the Alpine Way from Tom Groggin is the Geehi rest area which is a great spot to stop. Following is a trek that leaves from here and visits a few old huts.

For some less technical driving that can usually be done in two wheel drive, take the Barry Way our of Jindabyne and follow it to the Victorian border. The road runs along side the Snowy River and there are several spots to stop for a picnic or BBQ. The track is shown below.