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Public speaking is an art to perform, in front of a huge live crowd. Speaker in a public event basically has three important motives in their mind while delivering a speech that is:

  • To provide information
  • To persuade
  • To entertain

It is a formal face to face structure of communication where a single speaker addresses to a group of listeners. Public speaking requires brilliant communication skills, apart from that if you aspire to become a public speaker you need to keep in mind the following vitals points:

  • Nervousness is a common syndrome and that’s the ultimate fear you have to eliminate to become a good public speaker
  • You need to know your audience and craft your speech according to your targeted audience, as the speech is form them and not for yourself
  • Keep the focus on your audience and analyze the feedback
  • Be Natural- Be Yourself, don’t be a talking head or else you won’t be able to establish a quality relationship with your audience
  • Use your voice and your hands. Gestures matter a lot
  • Grab attention right at the start, and produce a dynamic ending which will keep an everlasting effect on the audience

Public Speaking is the backbone of our society, as it allows us to connect with people, form decisions, influence and motivate changes. It would be nearly impossible without mass communication to progress in the working world and in life. Everywhere in the world we see a single person standing up in front of audience and speak. Even there’s a monthly publication in the United States of America, where the telecast the top speeches in a public show called Vital Show of the day.

Public speaking is also a currently added form of communication in the Corporate Sector. There are various companies who provide tutorials and give classes to prepare numerous personnel for public speaking

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