During winter, and other times when snow may fall, you may need to carry snow chains, or worse still – put them on. Generally they are not required if you have an all wheel drive or four wheel drive vehicle.

It is very unlikely that you will require chains to get to Alpine Habitats if you are coming via Canberra and Cooma. If you are coming via Khancoban which is the shortest route from Melbourne, you pass Dead Horse Gap near Thredbo at an altitude of 1580 meters so chains may be required.

Depending on what you are doing when you get here, you may need to carry chains. If you are in a two wheel drive vehicle, it is compulsory to carry them into the National Park so if you are driving to Thredbo or Perisher, or coming to Alpine Habitats via Khancoban, you will need to have them with you – even if you do not need to put them on.

If you catch the Ski Tube (underground railway to Perisher), you don’t drive into the park so carrying chains is not compulsory BUT if there is ice on the road between Alpine Habitats and the Tube, you may need chains.