Snake Catcher Number


We were notified by a member of the public this week that our local snake catcher advised they no longer attend to calls if the snake is outside.

We went on the hunt to find our next closest provider and have updated our home page with their number. Based in Toowoomba they service a wide area and you can see a list of localities at their site here.

You can contact them directly on 0428 116 116

Remember these tips from the RSPCA if you find a snake in your yard:

  • Don’t panic!
  • Don’t approach it.
  • Keep pets away – put them inside until it passes.
  • Usually they are just passing through so leave them alone as they move on to where they’re going.

Deter snakes from coming into your yard by:

  • Reducing snake feed sources. Keep animal feed in rodent-proof storage areas, keep the rodent population down, dispose of rubbish, and keep areas uncluttered.
  • Keep chickens in a snake-proof enclosure.
  • Reduce hiding places for snakes around your yard like wood piles and rubbish.
  • Keep grass short – snakes don’t like to be exposed and will avoid crossing large areas of uncovered ground.

There are further tips on what to do if you find a snake in your house here.

Remember it is illegal to catch (unless licensed) or kill a snake.