As we all know, much of our wildlife is endangered. Travelling the highway to and from work every day my heart breaks at the new road kill each day… in just a 30km stretch of bitumen. I’m sad to say you do become a bit desensitised by all the roos and wallabies you see – only really having that gut-wrenching feeling when you see a Euro.

When you see people with clear vision for a few kilometres ahead not even bother to lift their foot for a split second to allow a sulphur crested cockatoo sitting in their lane sufficient time to take off, you marvel at the inhumanity of man.

But when you see three echidnas in the space of a 24 hour period, or what I came across this morning – a beautiful young male koala cut down in his prime – it almost does you in.

It really isn’t hard. I get we’re all in a hurry, but these animals didn’t ask for highways to cut through their ranges. If we put these things in to cut the time of our journeys to work and home then we have a responsibility to the other inhabitants to look out for them. These animals are slow-moving. Some (like koalas) are quite awkward on the ground. But they need to cross our paths to continue their journey around their ranges – we can’t expect them to simply accept their range is cut in half and turn back. It doesn’t work that way.

You wouldn’t leave a dog like this – or a kid – so why a critically endangered animal?