Warwick Wildlife Care & Rescue are volunteer, licensed wildlife rescuers and carers operating in the Southern Downs of SE Qld, whose aim is the care of injured and orphaned wildlife of the region.

For a comprehensive list of our Objectives please see the Objectives page.

Our rescue service covers Warwick, north to Allora, west to Greymare, south east to Killarney, and north east to Maryvale and Cunninghams Gap. Areas to the south of Warwick are currently exceptionally well serviced by the existing Granite Belt Wildlife Carers group.

Committed to Knowledge
We regularly participate in training courses and workshops to ensure we have the most up-to-date knowledge when it comes to providing care for injured, sick and orphaned animals. We collaborate with other carer/rescue groups and government departments to ensure access to latest information and keep up to date with changes to legislation. We are also members of a number of other wildlife organisations throughout the state.

Rescuing Animals

We look after the rescue of orphaned and injured wildlife, and we comply with the Queensland Nature Conservation Act 1992 – Code of Practice with regards to the treatment, transport and access to veterinary care requirements under those pieces of legislation. We have undergone relevant training in correct rescue techniques and never ask members of the public to assist with rescues.

Educating the Community
We believe the most important thing is education – giving the public the right information about local wildlife, including risks, behaviour and how to live with wildlife. Australia has a very unique biodiversity and we believe educating the community will help protect that for future generations.

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We comply with the Queensland Nature Conservation Act 1992 – Code of Practice and the Animal Care and Protection Regulation when caring for native wildlife. We regularly attend training to ensure best practice handling of all animals coming into care. Our goal is to rehabilitate animals for release back into the wild – we are not making pets.

Get Involved
If you are a licensed carer in the Southern Downs Council area we want to hear from you! We service an area over 7,000 sq km…. too much for one or two people to effectively look after. We have a centralised rescue phone number widely advertised. If you are interested in helping out, there is no fee for joining. We will need to see a copy of your rehabilitation permit – either your individual permit or the one you are working under if you are a member of a wildlife care group. (*This is a DEHP requirement.) Certain other information will be required like your best contact number, hours/days you are available to assist with animal rescues/transfers to vets, areas you can service and whether you have a driver’s licence. All of this information is kept confidential and for use by our telephone coordinator only. Contact us if you’re interested!