Quiet = Problem

It’s important to remember our wildlife is just that: wild! As a high order predator we are viewed as dangerous by the animals we share our environment with. Their natural instinct when we approach is to fight or flee. Armed with sharp claws and teeth, they will use them if approached and if they are fit to do so.

Remember: if you can pick up an animal (possum, bird, koala, wallaby)* and there is little to no fight back from them, there is something wrong with the animal, even if it looks okay. We have unfortunately been conditioned by images we see in the media that all animals are like the ones you find at Australia Zoo. Friendly, docile, able to be handled. This is not the case with a truly wild animal. Even a squirrel glider, which is so beautiful and soft, can inflict a nasty wound with its sharp teeth.

Unless you have the right equipment or training, you should never attempt to handle the animal yourself. More damage can be done with incorrect handling and housing. And if you can approach and pick the animal up, that is a dead giveaway the animal is not okay and you need to contact us ASAP.

Give us a ring and we can come and assess the situation before determining the best course of action for the animal.


*NEVER handle a bat, flying fox or snake!